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After fighting bullying, childhood obesity and a broken home, Tony Valenzuela Jr. became a Certified Transformational Trainer and Coach for personal and professional development, as well as a Businessman, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Girl’s Dad, Family Man and an Outdoor Enthusiast.

He has coached and trained CEO’s, Executives, Celebrities, Elected Officials and even At-Risk Youth. He was forced to make career changes due to spinal injuries, caused by high impact sports, so he knows what is perseverance and determination in the face of continued adversity.

Inspired to make a difference with others who face challenges, Tony has dedicated 16 years to impacting peoples lives.

His “Transformational Work” provides the tools to suspend your “old” thinking, create new possibilities for a better future and a personal deep dive to confront old boundaries that hold back your progress.

Coach Tony Valenzuela Jr.

Transformational Trainer

Performance Business Coach

[email protected] / 1-800-341-3060

Tony Valenzuela Jr.

Transformational Trainer

Performance Business Coach


Business Development

Tony is the perfect guest for an interview for your Radio Show, TV Show or for your Magazine or News Paper. He also writes articles for different projects you might need.


Interview Questions

#1 Tony - What is a Transformational Trainer?

#2 How did you get involved with this line of work? Were there any life events that inspired you?

#3 So what did you do?

#4 How has this work affected your life personally and professionally?

#5 What kind of impact have you seen this work have?

#6 What challenges do you see people facing today?

#7 Do you or have your ever seen any resistance to doing self-discovery and why?

#8 What kind of person would be a good fit for this kind of work?

#9 What do you see for the future?

#10 What would you like people to take away from today?

#11 Why do you think you provide Extreme Value for your clients?

#12 How do you “unstuck” your clients in their personal or professional growth?

#13 people think their goals and vision appear out of reach?

#14 Do you see a lot of clients frustrated with their results?

#15 Why do you believe the people around you are so important?

#16 What are the 3 major challenges that business owners and their teams need to resolve, and why?

Interview Tony